Matcha Mocha

By: Sheri

Sep 05 2013

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Category: photography


Focal Length:4.28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4S

6 comments on “Matcha Mocha”

  1. a fun image! how do you include a second image which is larger than Duotone’s standard size for secondary images?


    • To do that, I just inserted more than one image at full size one after the other in the post — Duotone does the rest.


      • thanks Sheri. i tried your suggestion on a private test post, with the same results i have always had so far. the first image is large, the secondary image(s) looking like a thumbnail compared to yours.

        i even tried uploading a larger image first, then uploading a second one after it, but every time an image leaves the position of first place, it appears very small.

        did you adjust your CSS settings somehow to accommodate this? sorry to monopolize your comment board like this, but seeing your blog makes it clear that there is a work-around Duotone’s default. if there are any special tricks you do, i would certainly appreciate the help. am a bit html illiterate :)


        • You’re right! I’d forgotten about the customization. Here’s the relevant snippet that makes the content area wider:

          #post {
          width: 70%;


          • thanks you Sheri! i knew there must be something that was doable. unfortunately i am so html illiterate, that i will ask another question:
            where on the text screen do i copy&paste that info? Is it part of the image itself? on the settings screen? and did you code it a certain say here so that it appears in view, so that it would need to be adjusted when doing html code, so that only the image appears without the code info?
            thank you for your patience. i am willing to keep at this until i am able to replicate what you show. i won’t even ask you how you got your archive page to have round thumbnails, although i think they are cool. i would be happy just to have larger-sized secondary images.
            thanks! Chris


          • well, Sheri, you are probably very busy so i kept fiddling and fiddling and finally figured out what you meant. my secondary images are finally larger-sized. thank you very much!


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