The Drive to The Remarkables

I must admit, I think The Remarkables is one of the best names of a place. As for the road leading up to them… managed to slip through at an opening in the construction schedule in order to make the terrifying drive up a gravel road, with no barriers for the most part, winding steeply upward and upward into yet another New Zealand display of mountain spectacularity. This is where I admit I was the second most scared I have ever been driving on a mountain road—the Road to Inch in Ireland still takes the cake on that one.

“This looks steep” followed by “we can turn back if you want” followed by “YES, I am aware of the danger” #doit

In the overlook shots, that’s Kawarau River then Frankton and Frankton Arm in the distance.

Aside: the “no vehicles passed this point” sign cracked me up… oh grammar.

The Remarkables, New Zealand

One comment on “The Drive to The Remarkables”

  1. This makes me incredibly homesick! Amazing photos!!!

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