Doubtful Sound

By: Sheri

Feb 24 2016

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Category: photography

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Focal Length:4.15mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 6

I stared deeply into the black waves from the top of the ferry boat and pondered the name of the place. There’s something foreboding in it all. This really is the land of waterfalls, and they seem to be endless in number when it rains. One peeks out from behind every turn, and there is every which type from trickling through new mossy pathways in lightning fashion to a powerful raging force that seems like it would crush you if you got underneath it. Getting to kayak this part of the world is humbling.

One of the absolutely best things about the weather was that the rain was soft. Feeling the rain hit my face wasn’t jarring or biting, it just was. It made being in the rain seem like the most natural thing.

Kayaking Doubtful Sound was rain-filled but not too rainy, cold but not too cold, and as beautiful as I imagined. Stories were told when we huddled the boats together. Loved that so much.

Doubtful Sound is a fjord, not really a sound. :)


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